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For questions about ancestors and records in the Australian state of Queensland, including questions pertaining to the period when it was a British colony.

Queensland is a state of the Commonwealth of Australia located on the north-east of the island continent.

Originally part of the British colony of New South Wales established in 1788, the "northern districts" were first settled with convicts in 1825 and then free settlers from 1842. A separate self-governing colony (named Queensland after Queen Victoria) was created in 1859 with its capital in Brisbane.

The colonial government actively sought migrants from Britain and Germany to increase the population in order to exploit the agricultural potential of the settled areas and to create new towns in remote regions.

Conflicts in Europe convinced the colonists that they could be under military threat and preparations were made to face an invasion by Russia during the 1880s. The Queensland military forces became part of those of the Australian Commonwealth upon the Federation of the colonies in 1901