When a straightforward search for a record comes up empty, I think it's important to step back and look at the larger picture, so that one can understand the context of the record -- that often leads to clues about where one might find it. The question as posed actually has two separate questions in it. One is to find out more about the incident in which ...


You can, but it is a bit convoluted: Export your tree in Gramps XML Change the extension from .gramps to .gz Unzip the file Edit the XML to remove the misspelled type Save the file Rename it back to .gramps Import the file into a new tree


The ending of the word seems to be clearer than the beginning. Picking up on the 'cz' as a clue that this might be a Polish name, I tried the Online Gazetteer at JewishGen.org. The FamilySearch Research wiki's article on Poland Gazetteers says: The biggest advantage of this search is that it uses a specialized soundex system to find places. This can ...

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