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I've had simliar questions about those records (and those of WWII). For WWI I was directed to try


Phonetically, my immediate guess was Kalyazin in Tver' oblast, Russia. (However this town is north of Moscow and not very close to Poland.)


Mishaf is an anglicization of Michov (they are identical when said with the applicable accent), which is the Yiddish name for the town of Michów, about 75mi SE of Warsaw. When he was born, it was in the Russian Empire, and when he naturalized, it was Poland (and is Poland today)


As you have discovered, it can be tricky to find a person's origin if you only have one document. Your first step should be to find more documents in the US to see if you can get more information. Different documents might give you other clues, either a different spelling of the same name, a different jurisdiction, or a name of a nearby town. When you ...

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