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Questions pertaining to events that took place aboard ships, identifying ships, or the ships themselves.

Ships are vessels used to transport goods or people by sea. In genealogy and family history, ships are frequently associated with migration from one land to another. Generally used as a generic term to include sloops, schooners, steamers, barques (barks), brigs and ketches technically distinguishable from ships by their number of masts and style of rigging.

This tag should be used for events that took place aboard ships, such as death, birth or marriage; identifying which ship an ancestor arrived on; or questions about the ship itself, where it pertains to genealogy or family history.

Example questions:

How can I figure out who died on a particular voyage of a ship?

Who built the SS Persia in Quebec in 1853?

What details do I need to know about an ancestor before I try to uncover the ship they immigrated on?

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