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A little late, but I finally built GenScriber for macOS. It should run in High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina. I have no idea if it will run in Big Sur or Monterey. This is a direct link. I have not put it on the website yet. Expect bugs. Don't use it with serious data ...


There is a review of software for this purpose on HubPages. Caption Pro seems to work OK.


FTAnalyzer has a "treetops" function that lists all the direct answers at the top branches of your tree. ie: direct ancestors for whom you are missing a parent. The program exists for the Mac and is available free in the Mac App Store.


FTAnalyzer has a function that does exactly this load up your GEDCOM file it strips out all the non essential data and fully privatises any living individuals. It then creates a stripped down GEDCOM file you can load up to a DNA website. This function was literally created for exactly the purpose you describe of making it as simple as it ...

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