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Could Snows X be intersection of Snowsfield and Crucifix Lane, Bermondsey?

I think that the "X" is actually just a poorly formed "F". I looked at the Rocque Map for that part of Bermondsey. Although the map is a little earlier (it's dated 1746), it gives a pretty good idea ...
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Understanding prison sentence records - England - 1880s

A great many records can be generated as a result of a person being accused and tried for a crime. To evaluate these records properly, it helps to find all the records you can that pertain to the ...
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Who are the parents of George Juden?

Looking over the question and your tree on Ancestry, one fact jumped out at me. When you look at the profile of Mary's husband, the John Juden b. 1804, you have only one record type -- the marriage ...
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Finding out where someone who died in England during 20th/21st century is actually buried?

Another collaborative genealogy website, WikiTree has a Global Cemeteries Project that aims to help people find burial places. Just sign up; no charges for using the site. To build a tree there, we ...
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