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I would read Kaisa's birth record as Torparen Josef Johansson Törmänens & hru Anna Greta Matts drs barn: Caisa Fredrika. Faddr: Pehr Majala med hru Greta Mathilda; Matts Törmänen med hru Anna Lisa; ungk. Pehr Pelto och jfr Sofia Lillia. af G.W. Appelgren. A translation: Crofter Josef Johansson Törmänen's & wife Anna Greta Mattsdotter's child: ...


I think I can answer one part of your question which is what the number "18" after "15" refers to. I think it is born on the 15th and baptised on the 18th. That this might be the case is based on the second number for other individuals on the two pages being always slightly larger (later in the month) except two. I have included a picture of the first ...


You need published biographies about priests in Denmark. See The Family History Library has one set by Wiberg, S. V., called En almindelig dansk Præstehistorie (A General Danish Priests' History). København: J. D. Qvist & Company, 1870. (FHL book Ref 948.9 D2w, vols. 1-4.)


The mother to Gustaf Tenglund is: Anna Andersdotter *20/12 1814 in Broddetorp, C:3 page 263. She died in Norra-Lundby, Varnhem 07/02 1848 C:3 page 257, sid 45.

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