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Where was Johann Wilhelm Schweizer from?

The word you are looking at is not a place name: Schweizer, Johann Wilhelm, Bürger und Bäckermeister hier, ein Wittwer He was a local (“hier” = here) He was a widower (“ein Wittwer” = “Witwer” = ...
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Reading the name of the father of Johann Henrich Illart (Mihla, 1731)

The first name you are looking for is Wendel. You can find each letter elsewhere: W in Wilhelm (at the top), e and n for example in begraben (right next to the name), d and l in Kindlein (line below). ...
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Marriage "in der Bethstund"?

In southern Austria I have not come across this wording yet. Might be something specific to Germany. An article in the Main Post titled "Ein Strohkranz als Zeichen der Schande" (A straw ...
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Transcribing and making sense of baptism record written in Kurrent

I understand now, almost perfectly. This says: "20.+ [i.e., twentieth entry, stillbirth] per the former Anna Maria: The young daughter of the Elmau farmer Nicolaus Beckens, was born dead at 9pm ...
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