As of May 31, 2023, we have updated our Code of Conduct.

Use this tag for questions about websites which assist a researcher with genealogy or family history research or sharing what they've learned. This does not include questions about software (which have their own tags).

Most genealogists and family historians use the web to help them perform their research or to share the results. Questions using this tag could include:

  • How do I do X on a particular website?
  • What criteria should I use when deciding what website to use for X purpose?

If you're asking about a specific website, tag the question with the name of the website as well. It would also be helpful if you were explicit in your question about the exact website you're using, as (for example) and have different interfaces and different recordsets available.

Don't ask:

  • What is the best website to do X?
  • Which website can do X?
  • What features should be supported in the website I'm developing?

All these are likely to generate lists, opinions and debates and are not a good fit for our Q&A site. (Chat might be a good place to have those sorts of discussions).