Webtrees has separate databases for each GEDCOM. You can't simply link from one tree to the other, as that's essentially a no-go. I'd suggest that you merge the two trees, as it's trivial to export sub-trees if you ever need it. Unfortunately, the following text from their wiki still applies: To merge entire family trees (GEDCOMs), you must use other ...


MyHeritage's Family Tree Builder can auto-generate an ancestral chart with pctures. I made this 14" x 30" chart a few years ago, but don't remember all the options available.


I use MacFamilyTree on the Mac OSX and you have a variety of events types you can insert specifically into an individuals timeline as well as I believe create custom event types. You can ALSO edit the general World event timeline to include important events at your pleasure or remove individual ones that come by default. When you then print or display ...

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