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Are there any privacy issues regarding publishing the image of a grave marker online?
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16 votes

Any person can walk up to a grave and see the marker. Images you take of the grave marker are yours to do with as you please. If you can see the marker while on public property even if it is on ...

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What information should or can I publish to a web site?
9 votes

A quick, short and "dirty" answer is: 1) If the person is alive, just name and birth date, just mm/yyyy or even yyyy 2) If the person is recently deceased, everything but SSN, Drivers Licenses, ...

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How should I deal with conflicting information?
7 votes

When dealing with conflicting information the number of source you have will matter as well as the source itself. For example if you have two conflicting dates from two sources, source A is from a ...

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Transitioning from person-based genealogy to record-based genealogy?
5 votes

I'm very much a "person based genealogy" researcher at the moment, but I'm to the point where if I want to do much else I'm going to have to move over to "record based genealogy" so take this answer ...

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How to handle indirect family?
3 votes

This is really up to the historian. If you would like to track this information then you should keep it in your tree. If not you can remove it. It should be noted that just because a person is ...

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How do I write the year with a double date?
2 votes

Depending on the software you are using (unless you're doing it all by hand) you may be able to enter both dates separately choosing the type of date being entered, or by the software configuration ...

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MacFamilyTree: underlining the preferred first name
1 votes

You can use the default name fields as the preferred name. Then any place that displays the person name will have the preferred name. You can add other names to the record, including Formal Name and ...

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