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PROFESSION: 1) Senior Technical Writer [i.e., Alpha Spectroscopy; Gamma Spectroscopy; TCP/IP Internet Protocol; AT&T Research & Development/User/Subject-Matter Expert Manual Writing; Developer of Project Management Manuals/Tutorials, etc.]; 2) State-Certified K-12 English Instructor; 3) University Writing Center Tutor; 4) Graphics Designer; and 5) Real Estate Agent

SPIRITUALITY & FAMILY: I am ABUNDANTLY blessed and immersed "in LOVE"!!!

DIVERSITY: I am the product of a Family Unit of "7" Siblings--of which I would often ask my Parents as to why each of us (physically) appeared to actually represent the "7" Continents of the World. It was absolutely beautiful to gaze upon us together in one room. It was also possible for one to literally "see" all of our Ancestral genetic compositions (i.e., African, Norwegian, Irish, Italian, North American Indian, etc.) being represented in our often distinct/different appearances. It was truly an absolutely beautiful and a “global” sight to behold!!!

However, the reason that I am embracing this "Genealogy & Family History" site with such fervor is that my Youngest Sister ("7th" of 7 Siblings) is extremely DISTRAUGHT because our recent AncestryDNA & 23andMe findings suggest that she is actually a "Niece". Can my “Sister” actually be my Half-Sister in light of our GEDmatch Autosomal Comparisons?

My PROFILE PHOTO includes the JPG that reflect BOTH my "Sister" and "my" respective images (with our corresponding L1c1 vs. L1c1a mtDNA Haplogroup assignments--as well as references to our GEDmatch Autosomal Comparisons, etc.)

Also, reflected in my PROFILE PHOTO are detailed references that may provide CRITICAL Citings-of-Interest that allows this Forum (i.e., each of us) to answer my greatly concerning question, as follows: "Am I a FULL-SIBLING, HALF-SIBLING, or AUNT to my Beautiful 'Sister' of whom is loved and has been ALWAYS considered to be the '7th' of 7 Siblings in my immediate family--even though our mtDNA Haplogroups are different (i.e., L1c1 vs. L1c1a)?"

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