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How can I turn a family tree on into a printable PDF report?

Export the GEDCOM from Click on Select the Export Forest option, and follow instructions. Wait for your GEDCOME file to be created (you will be notified ...
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Export GEDCOM from and then importing not working properly

Geni exports its places improperly into GEDCOM. Normally the PLAC tag should be places at level 2 below the event it pertains to, e.g.: 1 DEAT 2 DATE 11 DEC 1901 2 PLAC Toronto, Ontario, Canada Where ...
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Export GEDCOM from and then importing not working properly

Trying to reverse engineer the problem (independent of lkessler but I still thank him) I came up with the following quick-and-dirty Python 3 script which is modifying the GEDCOM in order to simply ...
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Reporting error in someone else's tree at

I e-mailed [email protected] and they removed errounosly added profiles of close relatives from MyHeritage. They also advised that there's an option to exclude profiles you manage from MyHeritage's ...
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