I am trying to track down my US grandad / his family but keep hitting brick walls without his date of birth. I am English but my mum was born in Germany in 1949 to a German National mum and a US Marine.

From the following information, do you think it is possible to track the US marine and if so what route would you recommend?

Searching German or US records?

From - Mississippi USA (possibly Tupelo) Stationed in - Bremerhaven, Germany 1948 Year of birth - probably between 1923 and 1930 Photo - shows him as (possibly) a staff sergeant, and posed with a Jeep. Registration C-16498 with perhaps a motor pool connection Family - 9 siblings.

His family wrote to say that he was MIA when my gran was pregnant with my mum but we are unsure if that was the case.

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Contact Jennifer Holik; she knows WWII era and Korean War era records for deceased servicemen better than anyone. She did four presentations at the giant national genealogy conference RootsTech this past February; one of them might be available online on their website or YouTube channel for free viewing. Here's her website: http://wwiiresearchandwritingcenter.com/

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