I've recently taken an Acestry DNA test to try and confirm my paternal line's great grandfather. After getting the results, I thought I identified the correct one. One of the nearest matched relatives and I share 168 cM's across 10 segments. Matching trees, he looked to be a half 1st cousin 1x removed through my GGF (and 4th cousins 1x removed through another branch)

The catch: endogamy. While the name and DNA lead me to think it was a valid match, the history was a little off. I then found a second potential GGF (from the same area with the same full name-first, middle and last - born within 10 years of the other). The DNA matched cousin and I would be 4th cousins 1x removed three times over in this match (plus distant cousins in 2 or 3 more lines)

The community the shared relationships come from are the rather closed Mennonite/Amish communities of Eastern Lancaster County (Pennsylvania).

With the endogamy, I'm guessing DNA painter won't be of much help and I'd prefer not to shell out for the FT-DNA Y test. But beyond that, would I have any other options?

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One of the principals behind the DNAPainter WATO tool, Leah Larkin (https://thednageek.com/), is in the process of releasing a new product, BanyanDNA (https://www.banyandna.com/). The new product is reportedly intended to handle more complex problems than WATO, including multiple target samples, and pedigree collapse up to and including endogamy. Caveat: I haven't tried using this tool myself (still collecting sample data). But it's intended to address situations including the one described here.

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