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Questions tagged [artifacts]

Historical family objects and memorabilia; may include photographs, family letters, papers, artwork.

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British Farthing, 1658, Thomas Snook, Stalbridg (Stalbridge, Dorset)

Below is an image of a British farthing dated 1658 and bearing the name Thomas Snook with a place name of Stalbridg (Stalbridge, Dorset). The Snook (or Snooke) surname was present in Stalbridge over ...
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Identifying date of family prayer book?

I have a slightly vandalised little pocket prayer book (pictured below) titled Prayers and Promises. I am trying to identify the original owner. On the inside is written "To Ellen" and "From Eunice", ...
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When and why to cite contemporaneous certificates as artifacts?

In the 2007 version of Evidence Explained (I can't speak to the other editions), the section 7.24, Church Record Certificates, discusses the particulars of citing certificates for events such as ...
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Saving guest comment books from funerals, baby namings, anniversaries, etc?

My mother died last month and left me with all of the family photos and such. Among the two large boxes are guest comment books, the books that people attending funerals and other rites of passage ...
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Who was William Chittel (Chettle) of Studley?

A friend owns an English lantern clock with the inscription "Wm Chittel of Studly". The clock dates to about 1635, and probably before 1642 as it is decorated with a ring of flowers that was used ...
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What is the origin or meaning of the photographed ring and pin?

I am looking for information regarding the attached photos. One photo is of a ring that looks well-worn. The other is for a pin that appears to be unused. I am assuming they are military in origin, ...
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Passing on our data

Everyone here will have thought about the longevity of our data, including related artefacts such as photographs, documents, letters. What is the best approach for preserving this and ensuring that it ...
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What type of source is a Family Bible?

Given that many families have old Family Bibles with births, deaths, and marriages recorded in them (some of which may predate formal records of the same from the local jurisdictions, or which ...
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