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For questions about the operation, traditions, and laws of the armed forces.

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Identifying military uniform which is probably French or Italian

I'm trying to ID someone's military uniform in an old family photo. Not a lot of clues to go on, except that the man was probably French or Italian, maybe in a colonial setting. Can you recognize the ...
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Identifying uniform thought to be German?

Does anybody recognize this uniform?
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Why was a Prussian soldier in Nova Scotia in 1817?

After participating in the Battle of Waterloo, Private Gottlieb Schmidt was discharged from the 3rd battalion in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1817. Private Schmidt was in the 3rd Battalion 60th Regiment. ...
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Why would a regular soldier join a militia? Circa 1795/1800s

Has anyone ever come across an instance where a soldier has left the regular army and joined a militia? I have an ancestor who served with the 3rd or King's Own Regiment of Dragoons in the 1790s on ...
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Did Somerset Militia recruit local Cornish soldiers when based at/near Truro around 1798?

Finding late 18th Century service record of soldier William Hobbs in Somersetshire Militia? was a question about my 4th great grandfather William Hobbs who married Jane Courtenay at Truro St Mary, ...
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Determining the location of No. 47 Casualty Clearing Station in March 1917?

A British soldier I am researching died at No. 47 Casualty Clearing Station on 25 Mar 1917. He has a memorial at Varennes Military Cemetery, in Somme, France, which was presumably nearby to the CCS. ...
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Could an Ohio resident be in the Indiana militia? (Timeline resolution)

It is part of my family's tradition that a particular ancestor of mine was a participant in the Battle of Tippecanoe, on November 19, 1811, but I am having a little trouble confirming it. Here are ...
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What were UK reserved occupations during World War 2?

In the United Kingdom, men in certain essential occupations were exempt from military service in World War 2. Which occupations were reserved? Is there an accesible list or reference book I could ...
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Reason for Discharge from British Army

I have a person who was discharged from the British Army "discharged under para 1805 (iii) (4)". Anyone know what that means, or where I can find the text of that regulation (preferably online)?
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